Anxiety can be crippling. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that 1 in 13 people globally suffers from anxiety. It’s the number one mental health disorder worldwide. If you’re wanting to avoid prescription drugs to treat anxiety, I have some answers for you. There are some natural anxiety remedies that work, and are even good for you.

I’ll go over magnesium, B-Complex vitamins, vitamin D3, Ashwagandha, CBD Oil, exercise, meditation, and creating. These are all completely natural methods and some even nutritional. You’ll also find links to more info on each. Now for the details of why these work.


Magnesium is a macromineral that helps regulate the nervous system. Magnesium helps regulate calcium and your electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and keeps everything in balance. Without enough, it can cause heart and nerve problems. It was found most people are actually low on magnesium.

Calming Image of a man at a lakeOne of the symptoms of low magnesium is anxiety. Magnesium has a calming effect. So taking magnesium should help a lot with anxiety issues. It also can help with depression and headaches, among many other things. You can read more about magnesium in the article listed here.

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Vitamin B-complex is critical for neurological function. The B vitamins help normalize hormones and neurotransmitters. They also help with mental wellbeing and feeling less nervous and help prevent anxiety and depression.

When I’ve suggested trying some B-Complex to people I know who have anxiety, they notice a big improvement.

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Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is actually a ‘prohormone’ that interacts with estrogen, testosterone, and human growth hormone. It’s also one of the best supplements you can take for your immune system and inflammation. It’s a feel-good vitamin and can help treat and prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Low vitamin D is also linked to depression. Most people with depression are low on Vitamin D. And you might already know that depression and anxiety can go hand in hand. Adding vitamin D to your supplements will help your immune system, help prevent inflammation, and keep your mood up.

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ashwagandha roots and powderAshwagandha is an ancient ayurvedic medicine herb in use for over 3000 years, primarily for stress, energy, and concentration. More recently though, studies have shown ashwagandha is highly effective for anxiety as well.

Participants reported a noticeable decrease in stress and anx