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It’s a new era in brain research and solutions. You’re on the journey of bettering your brain function, learning what causes dementia and Alzheimer’s and even depression. 

If you want to enhance your memory and brain function, or you’re worried about saving yours or a loved one’s memory and restoring it to its former glory, there are things you can do. Everything here is based on scientific research, and my own additional commentaries.

alpha gpc vs citicolineThere are a lot of nutritional deficiencies that you need to know about that are very common and can cause problems with brain health.  

There is nothing crazy or ‘out there’ here. Much of it is common sense and nutritional but there are some medicinal herbs you might want to know about. 

And even more, there is a specific combination of things that specifically optimize the brain and that’s what we’re going to talk about.

At mywellbrain, you’re following the journey of discovery. And there is constantly new information on the horizon, based on scientific studies. Get weekly updates (below) to learn the latest in brain research and your best strategies for brain heatlh.

Cornerstone Article: Definition of Mild Cognitive Impairment

A lot of new developments in brain research are explored. And natural treatments for memory, dementia and Alzheimer’s that have come to light in recent years. My mission is to share all of this with you. And my friends and family.

I’m not following only one regimen or philosophy. I’m following the trail and breadcrumbs of  information from many sources I trust and recent research as well as what seems common among many sources.

Occasionally, natural anxiety and depression treatments come up in some articles so if you have those issues, you’ll find some benefit here for those as well.

If you are concerned about your memory or brain function, definitely go to the doctor. There could be a cause that you can do something about, unrelated to dementia or Alzheimer’s. This was my experience. It turned out I had a parathyroid issue which my physicians could take care of. I also had ‘chemo brain’, which my oncologist confirmed is a real thing. The ‘chemo brain’ I’m finding is improved Very noticeably with the supplements I talk about here.

I hope you enjoy the ARTICLES and find some information (and products) that help you or someone you care about.

Brain function

My mother recently passed away from dementia and I had some health issues that affected my brain. And wow! I know what it’s like to worry about it. My issues seem resolved but since my mother and her parents all passed away from Alzheimer’s and dementia, I wanted to delve deeper and find out why. What are the answers? What supplements or habits make a difference with memory and brain function?

Why now? Well, I had my own serious health issues over the last several years to work through, including cancer and then hyperparathyroidism. Between chemotherapy and parathyroid issues, my brain wasn’t doing so great either. My father is a great researcher of natural supplements and used everything at his disposal to keep her going for 20 years with dementia. We know more now. Now that my issues are under control, I’m delving in.

I hope you enjoy and follow the journey, down the brain function rabbit hole! It’s real.

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