We always want to give that perfect gift. What is the best gift for elderly parents? I found some great ideas for your elderly parents or any elderly person, depending on their circumstances and what they need. It’s great to give something they need that will also be appreciated.

Many are on a fixed income and may not spend on things you can provide. Products and services designed for elderly people are featured here. You’ll find great ideas to answer the question: What is the best gift for elderly parents?

Practicalities They’ll Appreciate

These are practical but probably not something they would purchase themselves if they are on a budget or maybe just haven’t pursued them on their own.

GreatCall – Jitterbug Smart Phone and Emergency System

Greatcall has mobile phones designed for more mature people. They have smart phones that are very easy to use with bigger buttons and straight-forward features. They even have a smart flip phone for those who prefer that.

The Greatcall service has some additional options like: 

Urgent Response to get immediate help if they’ve fallen or even if they just need directions.

Urgent Care: Speak with a nurse or doctor for medical advice and common prescription medications 24/7 without an appointment. 

Great Call Link: If you’re a caregiver, the Link app will send you updates about the well-being of a person using a GreatCall phone or device.

Brain Games: Just like the jigsaw puzzles you know and love, these innovative games train your brain on attention and memory.

This is really a great gift for those special elderly people. 


Caring.com can help with assistance in the home for those who need a little more help with daily tasks. They can also help with finding assisted living centers.

Freshly – Meals Delivered

Cooked by chefs, fresh and delicious meals delivered by the week. Choose the menu and number of meals per week. Skip a week if you want to. Great gift to make sure they are eating healthy. 


eLuxury Supply Linens

eLuxury has beautiful high thread-count sheets and comfy blankets. Shown is beautiful and soft bamboo sheets. They also have 1000 thread count cotton sheets and mattress pads. What a nice way to help create some comfort.


Amazon Kindle Paper White

Read ebooks on your Paper White Kindle. Battery lasts for up to several weeks. Include a Kindle Unlimited subscription for hours of reading. And they can listen to Audible books on this as well.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Health and Wellness

Exercise and supplements. Help them stay healthy. 

The Detox Market Natural Products

The Detox Market has lots of organic and natural products and even supplements. Teas, skincare, aromatherapy, makeup, personal care products. I love their products. This is a great gift for those who care about health and wellbeing.


Wakey Wakey Body Wash
Wakey Wakey Body Wash

from: The Detox Market

Jumpsport Fitness Trampolines

Jumpsport makes very high-quality trampolines and fitness rebounders. And you can add a handle for safer exercising. Rebounding is a low impact exercise, great for keeping bones strong or even helping build stronger bones, a real concern for many elderly folks.

 A healthy habit worth forming. Benefits of rebounding include weight loss, muscle toning, increased bone density and lymphatic flow, along with greater balance, a stronger immune system, and enhanced mental health and wellness. Consistent exercise with professional workout videos on JumpSport Fitness TV can enable you to quickly reach your weight and fitness goals.

Obviously, good judgment about their risk factors will indicate if your elderly parents are a good candidate for this type of exercise. Adding a handle will make it much more stable for older people. 


Supplements developed by a doctor to promote brain health.

Exercise Resistance Bands

Spri Ignite resistance bands. Great for muscle and bone health. These are an easy to use, low impact way to get some exercise while indoors. Lightweight and great for travel, too.

Alpha Brain Supplement

Onnit brand Alpha Brain Supplement.

Where We Are Now

I hope you found a good, practical gift for your loved ones here. These are quite unique, aren’t they?

If you have any comments or additional ideas to add, please leave them in the comments section below. Your privacy is protected. Thank you!

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