What Is the Best Planner To Buy? Panda Planner Review

Panda Planner Classic


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  • Daily Affirmation/Goals/Focus Sections
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What is the best planner to buy? There are a lot of options out there. I found Panda Planner by accident when I was looking for planners to feature here. I love this planner! And I have used some of the most expensive planners out there too. Franklin and Day-Timer.

What is really nice about Panda is the pages are undated, so if you miss a day, you only lose by getting less done that day. And the positivity.

Panda Planner Classic is a 3-month planner with monthly, weekly, and daily pages. Monthly includes spaces for each day of the month, plus Goals, Distractions to Avoid, and a review area for reviewing this month’s wins and insights gained.

Weekly pages include wins from last week, how I’ll improve, personal, work, family/friends, and relationship areas, I’m Looking Forward To, Habits I’m Focusing on Developing, Learn Something New, Passion Project. And bigger sections for notes about projects. Also, Top Goals this week.

Daily pages include Morning Review sections with I’m Grateful For.. and I’m Excited About sections. Slots for Affirmation for the day, Focus, and Exercise. Today’s Priorities, Schedule, Task List with boxes to check off when completed, notes section and an End of Day Review with Today’s Wins and How I’ll Improve. What a positive planner!

I’m not sure how they fit all that in there. The Classic is a nice size, not too big. 5.25″ X 8.25″, undated. Hardcover. (There is also Pro version in 8.5″ X 11″.)

In addition, there is a pocket in the back to stash receipts or other important things and there is an elastic band to keep the planner shut. These also include 3 color-coordinated ribbons to mark your day, week and monthly pages. I hope you take me up on these great planners. They will bring some joy into your life and help you stay organized. Mayo Clinic advises using a planner to help with brain function and memory.

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Using a planner helps you live with intent. You are much more likely to get things done and write down ideas if you have a planner to plan out every area of your life. If you have memory problems, using a planner will help you take back control. So, while you’re making new memories, you can also save some memories.

I keep mine with me to jot down ideas I have for new articles or features for this website. I also like that it urges me to think of all areas of my life, including exercise. This way you can Plan for balance in your life, instead of just ‘letting things happen’. I definitely get more done and ideas don’t slip my mind. I will also tell you the buying experience delighted me. It’s an event. 🙂

As a scientifically designed and positivity-oriented planner, I think Panda Planner is the Best planner to buy.

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  1. Yes, I like to use a planner because I’m already forgetful and I have to write the things I am going to do, the dates when will the event happen. As mentioned in this review is that this planner has no dates and I like that because it’s up to you to fill up that matter for your own need and purpose. The good thing with a planner without dates is when you did nothing for this day you don’t have to leave that page because the day is already over, so you can go page by page and it will not tell you that you are not been oblivious for some time. This is for me but it depends on the individual. Thank you very much for this review.

  2. Write the vision; make it plain upon tables, so he may run who reads it. A piece of information stored in the human brain may be forgotten easily but one stored on paper can never be forgotten; can easily see get the information from the paper. Planners are very powerful tool in making and fulfilling purposes in life. Panda planner is trusted.

  3. Anybody that is serious about the intention to live more happy and more peaceful in life must have a reason to have a planner because a planner automatically sets us in motion. Thanks so much for sharing all of these here. I am a big fan of planners and journals and seeing that this panda planer is well praised, i figured it might be worth giving a shot too.

  4. Having a planner that is color radiant and also, conscious of the quality and all, I really fancy this a lot. I will love to say that if I can that this panda planner is surely a must get for anyone. very interesting one to anyone who makes use of a planner. I like this especially because I love my activities to follow a course. this is good and worthy especially with the colors.

  5. Big thumbs up here and well worthy of a good read. If I were to say that this is below expectations, I would be lying. I figured that this panda planner can actually compete well with the leaders in the industry and for me, that is well worthy and great. Thank you so much for sharing all these here. Thumbs up

  6. i there. Thank you so much for taking out your time to share this review. I checked Panda Planner through the link you provided on this page; it’s not really expensive as I thought it would be. The price tag is very okay. I learnt that affirmation are very good but have you heard of afformation? Afformation is like the question format of affirmation. It’s also very good to show gratitude for the things of life. Nice planner

    Good vibes!

  7. Great article you have written here and I can only say that this is awesome and I really fancy them. Great post from here and surely a very worthy one to read on. Of a truth, having the best planner would make daily living a lot more easier and also, decisions making a lot faster. thanks for sharing these things here.

  8. hi, these are some great planners.. I will definitely be looking at getting a plan or next year for writing down my goals and my plans to achieve them now that I’m working on my wealthy affiliate I have a solid platform I can use to create a successful online business. 

    A pllanner well help me schedule my hours of work in on a daily basis and help me find things out. I appreciate you making this great article which was very helpful for me. Thanks for this.t


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